International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 19 Issue 3/4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Current trends in semantic web and knowledge graphs

Guest Editors: Sanju Tiwari, Fernando Ortiz-Rodriguez, Boris Villazon

Object detection and activity recognition in video surveillance using neural networks

Vishva Payghode, Ayush Goyal, Anupama Bhan, Sailesh Suryanarayan Iyer, Ashwani Kumar Dubey

This paper aims to implement and extend the You Only Live Once (YOLO) algorithm for detection of objects and activities. The advantage of YOLO is that it only runs a neural…

Infer the missing facts of D3FEND using knowledge graph representation learning

Anish Khobragade, Shashikant Ghumbre, Vinod Pachghare

MITRE and the National Security Agency cooperatively developed and maintained a D3FEND knowledge graph (KG). It provides concepts as an entity from the cybersecurity…

Semantic web and machine learning techniques addressing semantic interoperability in Industry 4.0

Mohamed Madani Hafidi, Meriem Djezzar, Mounir Hemam, Fatima Zahra Amara, Moufida Maimour

This paper aims to offer a comprehensive examination of the various solutions currently accessible for addressing the challenge of semantic interoperability in cyber physical…

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