International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 18 Issue 2/3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Recent advances in big data and security engineering for web/distributed applications - Part 2

Guest Editors: Tran Khanh Dang

Open problems in medical federated learning

Joo Hun Yoo, Hyejun Jeong, Jaehyeok Lee, Tai-Myoung Chung

This study aims to summarize the critical issues in medical federated learning and applicable solutions. Also, detailed explanations of how federated learning techniques can be…


Distributed load-balancing for account-based sharded blockchains

Michel Toulouse, H.K. Dai, Truong Giang Le

Sharding of blockchains consists of partitioning a blockchain network into several sub-networks called “shards,” each shard processing and storing disjoint sets of transactions in…

Inference attacks based on GAN in federated learning

Trung Ha, Tran Khanh Dang

In the digital age, organizations want to build a more powerful machine learning model that can serve the increasing needs of people. However, enhancing privacy and data security…

Incremental and parallel proximal SVM algorithm tailored on the Jetson Nano for the ImageNet challenge

Thanh-Nghi Do

This paper aims to propose the new incremental and parallel training algorithm of proximal support vector machines (Inc-Par-PSVM) tailored on the edge device (i.e. the Jetson…

A systematic literature review for authorization and access control: definitions, strategies and models

Aya Khaled Youssef Sayed Mohamed, Dagmar Auer, Daniel Hofer, Josef Küng

Authorization and access control have been a topic of research for several decades. However, existing definitions are inconsistent and even contradicting each other. Furthermore…


An efficient model for copy-move image forgery detection

Kha-Tu Huynh, Tu-Nga Ly, Thuong Le-Tien

This study aims to solve problems of detecting copy-move images. With input images, the problem aims to: Confirm the original or forgery of the images, evaluate the performance of…

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