International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 17 Issue 6


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Optimal deep recurrent neural network for sentiment grade classification

Sireesha Jasti

Internet has endorsed a tremendous change with the advancement of the new technologies. The change has made the users of the internet to make comments regarding the service or…

A qualitative and quantitative comparison between Web scraping and API methods for Twitter credibility analysis

Irvin Dongo, Yudith Cardinale, Ana Aguilera, Fabiola Martinez, Yuni Quintero, German Robayo, David Cabeza

This paper aims to perform an exhaustive revision of relevant and recent related studies, which reveals that both extraction methods are currently used to analyze credibility on…

Deep learning based approach to unstructured record linkage

Anna Jurek-Loughrey

In the world of big data, data integration technology is crucial for maximising the capability of data-driven decision-making. Integrating data from multiple sources drastically…

Graph rewriting rules for RDF database evolution: optimizing side-effect processing

Jacques Chabin, Cédric Eichler, Mirian Halfeld Ferrari, Nicolas Hiot

Graph rewriting concerns the technique of transforming a graph; it is thus natural to conceive its application in the evolution of graph databases. This paper aims to propose a…

Enhanced Data Stream Classification by Optimized Weight Updated Meta-learning: Continuous learning-based on Concept-Drift

Maisnam Niranjan Singh, Samitha Khaiyum

The aim of continuous learning is to obtain and fine-tune information gradually without removing the already existing information. Many conventional approaches in streaming data…

Representation and presentation of knowledge and processes – an integrated approach for a dynamic communication-intensive environment

Gerd Hübscher, Verena Geist, Dagmar Auer, Nicole Hübscher, Josef Küng

Knowledge- and communication-intensive domains still long for a better support of creativity that considers legal requirements, compliance rules and administrative tasks as well…


A system for relation-oriented faceted search over knowledge bases

Taro Aso, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Hiroyuki Kitagawa

The purpose of this paper is to propose a scheme that allows users to interactively explore relations between entities in knowledge bases (KBs). KBs store a wide range of…

Ensemble incremental deep multiple layer perceptron model – sentiment analysis application

Renuka Devi D., Sasikala S.

The purpose of this paper is to enhance the accuracy of classification of streaming big data sets with lesser processing time. This kind of social analytics would contribute to…

Reducing the filter bubble effect on Twitter by considering communities for recommendations

Quentin Grossetti, Cedric du Mouza, Nicolas Travers, Camelia Constantin

Social network platforms are considered today as a major communication mean. Their success leads to an unprecedented growth of user-generated content; therefore, finding…

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