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Factors influencing the adoption of mobile payment systems in Indonesia

Lisana Lisana

This empirical study aims to determine factors that influence an individual’s intention to use mobile payment (MP) systems. The study investigates direct, indirect and total…

A novel framework for delivering static search capabilities to large textual corpora directly on the Web domain: an implementation for Migne’s Patrologia Graeca

Evagelos Varthis, Marios Poulos, Ilias Giarenis, Sozon Papavlasopoulos

This study aims to provide a system capable of static searching on a large number of unstructured texts directly on the Web domain while keeping costs to a minimum. The proposed…

Legal document recommendation system: a dictionary based approach

Jenish Dhanani, Rupa Mehta, Dipti P. Rana

In the Indian judicial system, the court considers interpretations of similar previous judgments for the present case. An essential requirement of legal practitioners is to…

A new neutrosophic TF-IDF term weighting for text mining tasks: text classification use case

Mariem Bounabi, Karim Elmoutaouakil, Khalid Satori

This paper aims to present a new term weighting approach for text classification as a text mining task. The original method, neutrosophic term frequency – inverse term frequency…

Incorporating LDA with LSTM for followee recommendation on Twitter network

Brahim Dib, Fahd Kalloubi, El Habib Nfaoui, Abdelhak Boulaalam

The purpose of this study is to facilitate the task of finding appropriate information to read about, and searching for people who are in the same field of interest. Knowing that…

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