International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 17 Issue 1


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A URI parsing technique and algorithm for anti-pattern detection in RESTful Web services

Fuad Sameh Alshraiedeh, Norliza Katuk

Many REpresentational State Transfer (RESTful) Web services suffered from anti-patterns problem, which may diminish the sustainability of the services. The anti-patterns problem…

Measuring validity and reliability of website credibility factors in influencing user engagement questionnaire

Farrah Diana Saiful Bahry, Maslin Masrom, Mohamad Noorman Masrek

The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of validity process in survey questionnaire instrument development. It is to confirm all items chosen are valid in the context…

URL normalization and assessing website structures in higher education websites

Brian Richardson

This study aims to explore the character and attainment of an effective URL system by expanding the concept of URL normalization, originally connected to machine-reading access of…

Clustering helps to improve price prediction in online booking systems

Le Hong Trang, Tran Duong Huy, Anh Ngoc Le

Pricing on the online booking systems is a difficult task for the host, the systems usually set the prices that are lower than the general premises and quality, and that only…

Evaluating a programming topic using GitHub data: what we can learn about machine learning

Paolo Dello Vicario, Valentina Tortolini

The purpose of this paper is to define a methodology to analyze links between programming topics and libraries starting from GitHub data.

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