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The factors influencing customer loyalty in social commerce platform: variety-seeking and social impact perspective

Yonathan Dri Handarkho

This study aims to address the factors influencing customer loyalty in social commerce (SC) sites from different standpoints with the intention to use the “variety-seeking”…

Success prediction of crowdfunding campaigns: a two-phase modeling

Lafaiet Silva, Nádia Félix Silva, Thierson Rosa

This study aims to analyze Kickstarter data along with social media data from a data mining perspective. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding financing plataform and is a form of…

An end-to-end deep source recording device identification system for Web media forensics

Chunyan Zeng, Dongliang Zhu, Zhifeng Wang, Zhenghui Wang, Nan Zhao, Lu He

Most source recording device identification models for Web media forensics are based on a single feature to complete the identification task and often have the disadvantages of…

A contract-based workflow execution framework for realizing artifact-centric business processes in a dynamic and collaborative environment

Kan Ngamakeur, Sira Yongchareon

The paper aims to study realization requirements for the flexible enactment of artifact-centric business processes in a dynamic, collaborative environment and to develop a…

Mining GitHub for research and education: challenges and opportunities

Mohammad AlMarzouq, Abdullatif AlZaidan, Jehad AlDallal

This study aims to highlight the challenges and opportunities of using GitHub as a data source in both research and programming education.

Semantic assessment of smart healthcare ontology

Sanju Tiwari, Ajith Abraham

Health-care ontologies and their terminologies play a vital role in knowledge representation and data integration for health information. In health-care systems, Internet of…

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