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A proposal of calligraphy learning assistant system with letter portion practice function using projection mapping

Samsul Huda, Nobuo Funabiki, Minoru Kuribayashi, Wen-Chung Kao

For several decades, calligraphy has been popular among people in Japan, China, and even in the world. Traditionally, a teacher teaches how to write letters on a paper with a…

A framework to aggregate multiple ontology matchers

Jairo Francisco de Souza, Sean Wolfgand Matsui Siqueira, Bernardo Nunes

Although ontology matchers are annually proposed to address different aspects of the semantic heterogeneity problem, finding the most suitable alignment approach is still an…

An approach to support the construction of adaptive Web applications

Leandro Guarino Vasconcelos, Laercio Augusto Baldochi, Rafael Duarte Coelho Santos

This paper aims to presents Real-time Usage Mining (RUM), an approach that exploits the rich information provided by client logs to support the construction of adaptive Web…

Comparing tagging suggestion models on discrete corpora

Bojan Bozic, Andre Rios, Sarah Jane Delany

This paper aims to investigate the methods for the prediction of tags on a textual corpus that describes diverse data sets based on short messages; as an example, the authors…

RDF graph mining for cluster-based theme identification

Siham Eddamiri, Asmaa Benghabrit, Elmoukhtar Zemmouri

The purpose of this paper is to present a generic pipeline for Resource Description Framework (RDF) graph mining to provide a comprehensive review of each step in the knowledge…

A comparison study of two fuzzy-based decision visiting systems (FBDVSs) for sightseeing spots

Yi Liu, Ermioni Qafzezi, Seiji Ohara, Kevin Bylykbashi, Leonard Barolli

Discovering and recommending points of interest are drawing more attention to meet the increasing demand from personalized tours. This paper aims to propose and evaluate two…

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