International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 15 Issue 3


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Ontology-based heuristic patent search

Cong-Phuoc Phan, Hong-Quang Nguyen, Tan-Tai Nguyen

Large collections of patent documents disclosing novel, non-obvious technologies are publicly available and beneficial to academia and industries. To maximally exploit its…

Guiding the selection of service identification methods based on SOA maturity level

Basel Bani-Ismail, Youcef Baghdadi

A mature adoption of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) goes steadily through different levels of maturity, whereby each level has its own types of services (e.g. software…

Utilising ontology for “heteregeneous data analysis in organizational goals”

Tengku Adil Tengku Izhar, Bernady O. Apduhan, Torab Torabi

The purpose of this paper is to assess the level of the organizational goal accomplishment by assessing the reliance relationship between organizational data and organizational…

A comprehensive framework for evaluating web services composition methods

Sarra Abidi, Myriam Fakhri, Mehrez Essafi, Henda Ben Ghazela

Web services composition engineering (WSCE) is a big challenge because of the increasing complexity, openness and extensibility of services based on the information system (IS)…

Learning representations of Web entities for entity resolution

Luciano Barbosa

Matching instances of the same entity, a task known as entity resolution, is a key step in the process of data integration. This paper aims to propose a deep learning network that…

Ontology-based approach to enhance medical web information extraction

Nassim Abdeldjallal Otmani, Malik Si-Mohammed, Catherine Comparot, Pierre-Jean Charrel

The purpose of this study is to propose a framework for extracting medical information from the Web using domain ontologies. Patient–Doctor conversations have become prevalent on…

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