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Evaluation of an IoT-based e-learning testbed: Performance of OLSR protocol in a NLoS environment and mean-shift clustering approach considering electroencephalogram data

Masafumi Yamada, Miralda Cuka, Yi Liu, Tetsuya Oda, Keita Matsuo, Leonard Barolli

This paper aims to present the design and implementation of an Internet of Things (IoT)-based e-learning testbed using Raspberry Pi mounted on Raspbian operating system (OS).

Your social network profile reveals you

Tom Sander, Phoey Lee Teh, Biruta Sloka

This study aims to evaluate the fears of individuals on their profiles’ sharing in social network sites (SNSs), regarding its advantages and disadvantages. The researched issues…

ICT-FLAG: a web-based e-assessment platform featuring learning analytics and gamification

David Gañán, Santi Caballé, Robert Clarisó, Jordi Conesa, David Bañeres

The purpose of this paper is to present an innovative web-based eLearning platform called ICT-FLAG that provides e-assessment tools with general-purpose formative assessment…


Pushing similarity joins down to the storage layer in XML databases

Leonardo Andrade Ribeiro, Theo Härder

This article aims to explore how to incorporate similarity joins into XML database management systems (XDBMSs). The authors aim to provide seamless and efficient integration of…

Design and evaluation of a movie recommendation system showing a review for evoking interested

Yuto Ishida, Takahiro Uchiya, Ichi Takumi

In recent years, e-commerce (EC) sites dealing in various goods and services have increased along with internet popularity. Now, very few EC recommendation systems present a…

An extensive study of authorship authentication of Arabic articles

Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub, Ahmed Alwajeeh, Ismail Hmeidi

The authorship authentication (AA) problem is concerned with correctly attributing a text document to its corresponding author. Historically, this problem has been the focus of…

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