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Energy efficient and latency optimized media resource allocation

Masoud Nosrati, Ronak Karimi

This paper aims to provide a method for media resource allocation in Cloud systems for supporting green computing policies, as well as attempting to improve the overall…


A case study of development of a mobile application from an existing web information system

Itamir de Morais Barroca Filho, Gibeon Soares Aquino Júnior

This paper aims to present a case study of the Metamorphosis process in the development of a mobile application based on an existing web information system.


From e-Gov Web SPL to e-Gov Mobile SPL

Camilo Carromeu, Debora Barroso Paiva, Maria Istela Cagnin

This paper aims to discuss the motivation and present the evolution from a Software Product Line (SPL) in the e-Gov Web (e-Gov Web SPL) domain to a SPL in the mobile domain (e-Gov…


A place and role of an ontology in using a base of experience in designing the software intensive systems

Petr Sosnin

Nowadays, experience bases are widely used by project companies in designing software-intensive systems (SISs). The efficiency of such informational sources is defined by the…

Searching web documents using a summarization approach

Rani Qumsiyeh, Yiu-Kai Ng

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a summarization method to enhance the current web-search approaches by offering a summary of each clustered set of web-search results…

Web-based GIS technologies for monitoring and analysis of spatio-temporal processes

Valery Gitis, Alexander Derendyaev, Arkady Weinstock

This paper aims to describe two Web-based technologies of geographic information systems (GIS) to be used in monitoring and analysis of environmental processes, proposed by the…

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