Interactive Technology and Smart Education: Volume 6 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special issue on multimedia technologies for e‐learning

Guest Editors: Oliver Brdiczka, Lars Knipping, Nadine Ludwig

Bringing Web 2.0 to web lectures

Markus Ketterl, Robert Mertens, Oliver Vornberger

At many universities, web lectures have become an integral part of the e‐learning portfolio over the last few years. While many aspects of the technology involved, like automatic…


Learning management systems: Coupled simulations and assessments in a digital systems course

Heinz‐Dietrich Wuttke, Karsten Henke

The content, provided in learning management systems (LMS), is often text oriented as in a usual textbook, extended by some animations and links. Hands on activities and…

A question managing suite for automatic lecture recording

Fleming Lampi, Hendrik Lemelson, Stephan Kopf, Wolfgang Effelsberg

The purpose of this paper is describing the seamless integration of the question‐answer interaction into automatic lecture recordings (ALRs). This includes the design and…

Semi‐automatic post‐processing for improved usability of electure podcasts

Wolfgang Hürst, Martina Welte

Playing back recorded lectures on handheld devices offers interesting perspectives for learning, but suffers from small screen sizes. The purpose of this paper is to propose…

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