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Response Surface Regression Models for Prediction of Ring Spun Yarn Properties

Hanen Ghanmi, Adel Ghith, Tarek Benameur

In this study, the response surface methodology is used to predict the mechanical properties of yarn, their unevenness and hairiness by using the high-volume instrument…

Study on Different Techniques of Fabricating Conductive Fabrics for Developing Wearable Electronics

L Ashok Kumar

In recent years, interdisciplinary studies have been the mainstream in research discourses and practices. Depending on the degree of integration, the combination of…

Parametric Study of Electrospun Cellulose Acetate in Relation to Fibre Diameter

B. Ghorani, P. Goswami, S.J. Russell

The objective was to identify the main factors and interactions influencing the fibre diameter in the production of electrospun cellulose acetate (CA) webs. A systematic…

Effect of Cellulase Enzymes and Swelling Agents on Colour Strength and Colourfastness of Handloom Cotton Fabric Dyed with Butea Frondosa

Sunita Dixit

Cellulases and swelling agents are known to be effective in improving the colour strength of cotton. Nowadays, handloom fabrics, such as khadi cotton, are much more…

Effect of Spinning Systems on Properties of Dyed Egyptian Cotton Yarns after Mercerization Treatment

Ihab El-Sayed, S.M. Saleh

The effects that spinning technology and spinning parameters have on the color strength (K/S), strength, and breaking elongation of post dyed and mercerized yarns are…

A Study on the Production of a Silk Saree mixed with Lyocell and Polyester

J Jeyakodi Moses, Mariappan A, Vellingiri K

Silk and lyocell textiles are categorized as protein and cellulose polymer products of natural fibers. They have their unique uses in the textile, apparel and garment…

A Study of the Receptivity to Bacterial Cellulosic Pellicle for Fashion

M.C.F. Ng, W. Wang

Over the past few decades, there have been an increasing number of attempts to produce materials for fashion creation aiming at cost effectiveness, low environmental…

Analysis of Impacts of Production Order Complexity and Lot Size on Apparel Production Systems Using Simulation Technique

L.C. Mak, W.K. Wong, S.Y.S. Leung

In the current practice of production planning in the apparel industry, the decision is mainly based on the primary concerns of avoiding the late completion of contracts…

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