Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship: Volume 25 Issue 3


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The power of language to influence people: Mary Kay Ash the entrepreneur

Victoria Crittenden, William Crittenden

As a business executive and philanthropist, Mary Kay Ash is legendary as a glass-ceiling breaker. With the belief that Mary Kay Ash is both modern and relevant, while…

Impact of social media participation on female entrepreneurs towards their digital entrepreneurship intention and psychological empowerment

Uttam Chakraborty, Santosh Kumar Biswal

The use of social media is becoming increasingly important for entrepreneurial marketing as a way to gain psychological empowerment through female entrepreneurship. The…


A bibliometric analysis and text mining of the entrepreneurial marketing domain: emerging trends and future research directions

Tayyab Amjad, Michael M. Dent, Nur Naha Abu Mansor

The entrepreneurial marketing (EM) literature has grown rapidly during the last decade, yet much is left undiscovered. This paper aims to conduct a bibliometric analysis and text…

Assessing the notion of art as a product: entrepreneurial marketing insights from the visual arts

Ian Fillis, Kim Lehman, Mark Wickham

The purpose of this paper is to assess the notion of art as a product. This paper develops a detailed understanding of how established visual artists engage with the notion in…

Positioning in SMEs: entrepreneurs’ perceptions and strategies

Peter Fluhrer, Taiga Brahm

The concept of positioning is fundamental to how a company approaches and succeeds in a market. Despite a growing body of literature on positioning, existing research has focused…

Customer development-product development dilemmas in startup firms: a qualitative investigation into founder's involvement

Dale T. Eesley, Yukti Sharma, Ramendra Singh, Birud Sindhav

Entrepreneurship literature recognizes the founder’s involvement as a salient factor in determining the success of startups. Nevertheless, its role in conjunction with the…

Are social chameleons prone to entrepreneurship?

Saïd Aboubaker Ettis

People differ in the extent to which they dispositionally monitor their projected images, expressive behavior and self-presentation according to the contingencies of the…

Linking marketing imperfections to sustainable entrepreneurial prospects and sustainability: the case of Indian medicinal and aromatic plants businesses

Pramod Chandra

Drawing on the extant literature that suggests marketing imperfections are an opportunity to create and establish a foundation for sustainable entrepreneurial prospects and…

Strategic orientation and its role in linking human capital with the performance of small and medium enterprises in Indonesia

Mohammad Iqbal, Mukhammad Kholid Mawardi, Brillyanes Sanawiri, Rizal Alfisyahr, Ina Syarifah

This study aims to investigate the ways that human capital influences the strategic orientation variables entrepreneurial orientation (EO) and market orientation (MO), which…

Socio-cultural elements of the Marwari business community in India

Nihar Amoncar, Paul Agu Igwe, Nnamdi Madichie

The purpose of this study is to explore the elements of the Marwari business community’s sociocultural context, which influence entrepreneurial behaviour. The entrepreneurial…

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