Journal of Intellectual Capital: Volume 3 Issue 3


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Examining the link between knowledge management practices and types of innovation

Jenny Darroch, Rod McNaughton

The management of knowledge is frequently identified as an important antecedent of innovation. However, very little empirical research has specifically addressed antecedents and…


Intellectual capital ROI: a causal map of human capital antecedents and consequents

Nick Bontis, Jac Fitz‐enz

This report describes the results of a ground‐breaking research study that measured the antecedents and consequents of effective human capital management. The research sample…


The impact of information technology and cultural differences on organizational behavior in the financial services industry

Andreas N. Andreou, Larry W. Boone

This paper discusses how IT impacts the job and individual characteristics of: autonomy, workload, organizational commitment, and perceived accomplishment‐achievement in two…


To the public‐listed companies, from the investment community

Lynn L.K. Lim, Peter Dallimore

Reporting the value of intellectual capital (IC) in the disclosure process for stakeholders has focused largely on the construction of indicators determined by the companies. This…


Managing intangible assets – a question of integration and delicate balance

Tomi Hussi, Guy Ahonen

The relevance of intangible assets for financial performance is getting more widely accepted. There is also some convergence about the conceptual structure of intangibles. What…


Evidence of intellectual capital measurement from Asia, Europe and the Middle East

Patricia Ordónez de Pablos

The purpose of this empirical study is to investigate the current state of best practices in the trans‐disciplinary field of intellectual capital (IC) management and measurement…


Voluntary turnover: knowledge management – friend or foe?

Meaghan Stovel, Nick Bontis

The onset of the knowledge era has affected all industries. Without exception, the Canadian financial services industry has transformed itself due to the knowledge‐intensive…


FiMIAM: financial method of intangible assets measurement

Irena Rodov, Philippe Leliaert

Today’s measurement systems fail to adequately account for intellectual capital (IC) in a transparent yet comprehensive manner. In spite of many recent attempts to qualify and…

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