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Measuring innovative literacy: conceptualization, scale development and validation

Asiye Yüksel, Mehmet Şahin Gök, Ayşe Günsel

There is a need to understand the role of innovative literacy in intellectual capital literature. This study aims to develop the innovative literacy scale, starting from the…

Influencing social enterprise resilience by intellectual capital and the contribution of female leadership: insights from the Italian context

Paola Paoloni, Antonietta Cosentino, Simona Arduini, Gaetano della Corte

This paper aims to verify which intangible assets attributable to intellectual capital (IC) influence the anti-cyclical nature and the resilience of social enterprises (SEs…

The evolution of intellectual capital disclosure driven by European regulatory change: evidence from the Italian stock market

Carlo Amendola, Alessandro Gennaro, Simone Labella, Pietro Vito, Marco Savastano

The matter of interest is the reporting and disclosure of intellectual capital (IC) in the global “knowledge economy” era. The aim of the paper is twofold: to verify the level of…

Shaping the culture of your organization by the human capital: employees' competencies and leaders' perceived behavior

Ştefan Cătălin Popa, Simona Cătălina Ştefan, Ana Alexandra Olariu, Cătălina-Florentina Popa, Marius Ioan Pantea

Organizational culture (OC) is not only a key factor in the development of organizational performance but also an important source of employee orientation toward a better…

Configuring green intellectual capital to achieve ambidextrous environmental strategy: based on resource orchestration theory

Mengjie Xi, Wei Fang, Taiwen Feng, Yang Liu

Since a single environmental strategy is not sufficient to deal with the various institutional forces that firms are facing, this study proposes ambidextrous environmental…

Exploring the mediating role of social capital and pro-social motivation in the relationship between CSR and creative deviance

Sabeen Hussain Bhatti, Rabia Irshad, Nazia Shehzad, Gabriele Santoro

This study aims to explore the underlying mechanisms of the less studied relationship between perceived corporate social responsibility (CSR) (both internal and external) and…

Does green intellectual capital matter for reverse logistics competency? The role of regulatory measures

Yesim Can Saglam

Despite its potential advantages in a wide range of environmental subjects, green intellectual capital has received scant attention in the field of reverse logistics (RL). This…

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