Journal of Intellectual Capital: Volume 2 Issue 3


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Thought leadership on intellectual capital

Nick Bontis, Danny Nikitopoulos

A synopsis of key topics, issues and findings as presented at the 4th World Congress on Intellectual Capital hosted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. There were…


Is intellectual capital performance and disclosure practices related?

S. Mitchell Williams

Breaks with the prior literature on intellectual capital disclosure practices in two major ways. First, provides a longitudinal examination of intellectual capital disclosure…


Weightless wealth: four modifications to standard IC theory

Daniel Andriessen

Standard Intellectual Capital theory contains some key assumptions or practices that limit our view on the weightless wealth of companies. Discusses four of those practices…


Salience of knowledge in a strategic theory of the firm

P.N. SubbaNarasimha

Sustained competitive advantage has become problematic because of turbulent environments. Thus, a strategist’s theory of the firm ought to focus on a theory of sustained…


Leveraging intellectual capital at APiON

Joe Peppard, Anna Rylander

Uses the case of telecommunications software company APiON to illustrate how the company developed and implemented a growth strategy that allowed them to realize a dramatic…


Orphan knowledge: the new challenge for knowledge management

Ian Caddy

To date knowledge management within learning organizations has focussed upon maximizing possibilities to create knowledge while minimizing the chances of losing knowledge…


Accounting, empirical measurement and intellectual capital

Philip K. M’Pherson, Stephen Pike

The application of proper measurement to a company generating products, services, cash flow and reputation largely from intellectual capital (IC) assets is examined. The…


Non‐financial performance measures in the Canadian biotechnology industry

Judy Cumby, Joan Conrod

The limitations of financial metrics in assessing performance in the new economy generate demand for non‐financial measures appropriate for evaluation of shareholder value…


Early retirements and the dynamics of social knowledge creation

Victor Y. Haines, Jean‐Paul Bédard

A model of knowledge creation was tested by analyzing the effects of early retirements on social capital, conditions for exchange and combination and social knowledge. The…


Toward a multi‐dimensional measure of individual innovative behavior

Robert F. Kleysen, Christopher T. Street

Individual level innovation studies often assess only one dimension of innovative behavior. As such, they do not sufficiently capture the richness of the construct of individual…


Mergers and acquisitions through an intellectual capital perspective

Oliver Gupta, Göran Roos

The acquisition of knowledge and other intangible resources often underlies merger and acquisition strategies. Past streams of research regarding the effect intangible resources…


Encouraging innovation in the public sector

Sandford Borins

The public sector has traditionally been considered inhospitable to innovation, particularly innovations initiated by middle managers and front‐line staff. Unlike the private…


Measuring the mission effect in human intellectual capital

Christopher K. Bart

One of the greatest challenges facing advocates of the intellectual capital movement is finding ways to measure and report on its content and effect. Some consider the measurement…

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