Journal of Intellectual Capital: Volume 11 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Intellectual capital and non‐profit organizations in the knowledge economy

Guest Editors: Eric Kong

Intellectual capital and non‐profit organizations in the knowledge economy: Editorial and introduction to special issue

Eric Kong

The purpose of this editorial is to introduce the background and rationale to the special issue, “Intellectual capital and non‐profit organizations in the knowledge economy”. It…


The role of intellectual capital in non‐profit elderly care organizations

Virpi Sillanpää, Antti Lönnqvist, Niina Koskela, Ulla‐Maija Koivula, Matti Koivuaho, Harri Laihonen

The starting‐point of this paper is the observation that, while intellectual capital (IC) management seems to be a potential approach for non‐profit elderly care organizations…


Interaction between structural capital and human capital in Italian NPOs: Leadership, organizational culture and human resource management

Paula Benevene, Michela Cortini

This explorative research aims at examining the relationship between human capital and structural capital in Italian NPOs, focusing on senior managers.


Intangible assets in higher education and research: mission, performance or both?

Giustina Secundo, Alessandro Margherita, Gianluca Elia, Giuseppina Passiante

This paper aims to discuss the role of intangible assets in higher education and research institutions and to present a measurement framework, along with an illustrative…


Innovation processes in social enterprises: an IC perspective

Eric Kong

Social enterprises are not purely commercial and philanthropic. They represent a hybrid form of organizations that involve taking business‐like, innovative approaches to deliver…


Intellectual capital reporting at UK universities

Ivoni Bezhani

The purpose of this study is to examine the amount and the nature of the voluntary intellectual capital (IC) disclosure of UK universities, the relation between performance and…


The composition of intellectual capital in non‐profit orchestras

William Mesa

The purpose of this paper is to explain how intellectual capital (IC) is enacted and used in non‐profit symphony orchestras from an organisational behaviour perspective.


Trust: an antecedent to employee extra‐role behaviour

Iris Reychav, Rob Sharkie

This study seeks to examine antecedents of perception of trust as a foundation for extra‐role behaviour in the public sector non‐profit organisations.


Intellectual capital models in Spanish public sector

Yolanda Ramírez

The purpose of this paper is to provide assistance to public organizations in the process of developing their ability to identify, measure and manage their intangible assets.

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