International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 25 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Making an Impact – UN Sustainable Development Goals and university performance

Guest Editors: Anshuman Khare, Brian Stewart

Environmental and sustainability education in teacher education research: an international scoping review of the literature

Rob Blom, Douglas D. Karrow

Halfway into the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals (SDGs) timeline, we deemed fruitful an injunction into current teacher education (TE) practices at higher…

Rethinking higher education in light of the sustainable development goals: results from a workshop and examples of implementation in a medical university

Mia von Knorring, Hanna Karlsson, Elizabeth Stenwall, Matti Johannes Nikkola, Maria Niemi

This study aims to analyse student and teaching staff views on how higher education (HE) can contribute to sustainable development, and to provide examples of how a medical…

The significance of sustainability in higher education: a view to the curricular proposal at a Colombian University

Ana Elena Builes-Vélez, Juliana Restrepo, Juan Diego Diego Martínez

This paper aims to identify how the faculties of a Colombian University have understood the concept of sustainability and the way they have embedded it into their training.

Individual and interlinked SDGs: higher education institutions and metro area sustainability performance

Ha Vien, Christopher S. Galik

Recent scholarship has explored higher education institutions’ (HEIs) role in transitioning to a sustainable society, but empirically, questions remain regarding their impact on…

Internationalization at Home from a Chinese perspective: the case of iZJU

Lijuan Qu, Yuwen Dai

Higher education institutions have a critical role in creating and disseminating the knowledge required to address the complex global challenges faced by global society, as…

Higher education curriculum design for sustainable development: towards a transformative approach

Philip Cardiff, Malgorzata Polczynska, Tina Brown

Education is widely recognized as a key domain for the promotion of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), prompting an increased focus on sustainable development in foreign…

Implementing action competence teaching model as a framework for achieving sustainable development goals: insights from students

Xiaojing Xing, Chinaza Solomon Ironsi

This paper aims to explore the potential of implementing an action competence teaching model as a framework for achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) in higher education…

Leveraging place-based resources for quality education: insights from a forest community outreach project in Japan

Muhammad Mohsin Hakeem, Hoe Chin Goi, Frendy

This study aims to examine the participants’ [junior high school students and Master of business administration (MBA) consultants] perceptions and utilizations of the…

Sensemaking of sustainability in higher educational institutions through the lens of discourse analysis

Olga Dziubaniuk, Catharina Groop, Maria Ivanova-Gongne, Monica Nyholm, Ilia Gugenishvili

This study aims to explore the range of sustainability-related discourses by the stakeholders within a particular Finnish Higher Education Institution (HEI); interaction between…

Perspectives of the administration of Greek universities regarding the adoption of sustainability practices

Vasiliki Platitsa, Eleni Sardianou, Konstantinos Abeliotis, Roido Mitoula

This study aims to the perceptions of the administration of Greek universities on sustainable development and the role of the administration in the implementation of corresponding…

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