International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 23 Issue 8


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Sustainable leadership in higher education institutions: social innovation as a mechanism

Qaisar Iqbal, Katarzyna Piwowar-Sulej

Considering the vital role of higher education institutions (HEIs) in accomplishing sustainable development goals, this study aims to examine how and when sustainable leadership…


Stimulating boundary crossing learning in a multi-stakeholder learning environment for sustainable development

Carla Oonk, Judith Gulikers, Perry den Brok, Martin Mulder

Sustainable development requires multiple stakeholders to work and learn across practices, in other words, it requires boundary crossing competence. To prepare students for their…


A study of the Web visibility of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda on university websites

Mari Vallez, Carlos Lopezosa, Rafael Pedraza-Jiménez

Universities play an important role in the promotion and implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This study aims to examine the visibility of information…


Students’ learning sustainability – implicit, explicit or non-existent: a case study approach on students’ key competencies addressing the SDGs in HEI program

Karin Alm, Thomas H. Beery, David Eiblmeier, Tarek Fahmy

This study aims to understand better the student awareness and knowledge on how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are used in higher education institutions (HEIs) to…


Creating a sense of community and space for subjectification in an online course on sustainability education during times of physical distancing

Robbert Hesen, Arjen E.J. Wals, Rebekah L. Tauritz

This study aims to demonstrate which course elements were responsible for community building, fostering subjectification and learning for being in an online course on…


Spaces of learning – practising the SDGs through geographical fieldwork methods in a nature park

Thomas Skou Grindsted, Thomas Theis Nielsen

While the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and visions for sustainability education apply to many methods, they can be hard to put into practice. This study aims to concern an…


Exploring the nature and culture of science as an academic discipline: implications for the integration of education for sustainable development

Deirdre Hogan, Joanne O'Flaherty

Goal 4.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) explicitly frames education as an enabler of change and a means to achieve all SDGs. This study aims to explore the nature and…


Do European quality assurance frameworks support integration of transformative learning for sustainable development in higher education?

Lise Janssens, Tom Kuppens, Ingrid Mulà, Egle Staniskiene, Anne B. Zimmermann

A transition toward sustainable development requires engagement of university students in transformative learning. Therefore, quality frameworks and processes should support deep…


Sustainability education at higher education institutions: pedagogies and students’ competences

Yijing Wang, Mélodine Sommier, Ana Vasques

This study aims to examine whether the development of students’ sustainability competences is dependent on how courses are delivered at higher education institutions (HEIs). It…


Teaching sustainability: does style matter?

Fethiye Ozis, Shannon Lynn Isovitsch Parks, Deborah Lynne Sills, Mustafa Akca, Christine Kirby

This paper aims to analyze how a tangram activity improved students’ abilities to explain sustainability, articulate a positive perception of sustainable design and relate…


Enhancing sustainable development goals or promoting universities? An analysis of the times higher education impact rankings

Núria Bautista-Puig, Enrique Orduña-Malea, Carmen Perez-Esparrells

This study aims to analyse and evaluate the methodology followed by the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings (THE-IR), as well as the coverage obtained and the data offered by…


Do socially responsible higher education institutions contribute to sustainable regional growth and innovation?

Eugénia de Matos Pedro, João Leitão, Helena Alves

This study aims to analyse the efficiency of public higher education institutions (HEIs) through teaching and learning (T&L), research and technology (R&T) and social…

Cultivating students’ sustainability-oriented learning at the interface of science and society: a configuration of interrelated enablers

Valentina C. Tassone, Perry den Brok, Cassandra W.S. Tho, Arjen E.J. Wals

By envisioning the learning environment as an eco-social system, this study aims to map interrelated enablers of students’ sustainability-oriented learning (SoL) in the context of…


“Hope dies, action begins?” The role of hope for proactive sustainability engagement among university students

Mathilde Vandaele, Sanna Stålhammar

Education in sustainability science is largely ignorant of the implications of the environmental crisis on inner dimensions, including mindsets, beliefs, values and worldviews…


Towards meta–competences in higher education for tackling complex real–world problems – a cross disciplinary review

Romana Bates, Barbara Brenner, Erwin Schmid, Gerald Steiner, Stefan Vogel

Climate change, poverty and pandemics are some of the complex real-world problems that are increasingly challenging higher education institutions (HEIs) to equip future graduates…


Exploring the development of change agents for sustainability: outcomes of the Listen, Live and Learn initiative at Stellenbosch University

Zamokuhle Vanessa Langa, Sandra Boatemaa Kushitor, Nelene Koen, Julia Harper

Among the various pro-sustainability strategies that universities adopt, Stellenbosch University’s 2030 Agenda further challenges universities to provide sustainability education…

Applied engineering education for soft skills in the context of sustainability and mobility

Joakim Tell, Maya Hoveskog

The purpose of this paper is to address the need to rethink the traditional approach to education in the university engineering curriculum. The paper examines two engineering…


Sustainable food, consensus, and debates: a study on university campuses in Mexico City

Ayari Genevieve Pasquier Merino

This paper aims to analyze the conceptions that underlie the notion of “sustainable food” of different social actors based on a study focused on promoting sustainable food…

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