International Journal on Grey Literature: Volume 1 Issue 4

Table of contents

International transportation literature: an analysis of citation patterns, availability and research implications to the transportation community

Bonnie A. Osif

Attention to infrastructure issues has increased in recent years. The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA)and its reauthorization in the Transportation…


Trends in publishing academic grey literature: examples from economics

Fethy Mili

What impact might electronic publishing have on grey literature? This work tries to give some answers based on changes in the publishing of economics research preprints or…


Towards integration of information sources on grey literature: a case study

Rosa Di Cesare, Gianni Lazzari

The institutional goals and the organisational contexts of GL producers, determine the level and the process of production and diffusion. Furthermore GL producers do not all bring…


Preserving the pyramid of STI using buckets

Michael L. Nelson, Kurt Maly

Considers a formal publication to represent an abstract to a larger body of work: a pvramid of scientific and technical information (STI). While this abstract may be sufficient…


Grey literature and library and information studies: a global perspective

L.O. Aina

A lot of studies on grey literature abound in the literature. Most of the studies, however, relate to disciplines other than LlS. This study determines the focus and trends of…




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2000 – 2000

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