International Journal on Grey Literature: Volume 1 Issue 3

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Internet activism: NGOs and the Mine Ban Treaty

Kenneth R. Rutherford

When the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines international awareness was heightened about the efforts of NGOs worldwide to ban…


Trends and evolution in the development of grey literature: a review

Daniela Luzi

This paper outlines the principal stages in the development of grey literature (GL), from its first appearance in the post‐war period to its evolution into electronic GL. To this…


Interview with Laurie Isenberg

Julia Gelfand

This article introduces Laurie Isenberg, a former medical and special librarian, who has been involved in using, retrieving and processing grey literature, and the advantages and…


Using an online stock market simulation as a cross‐disciplinary learning enhancer: simulation as an example of grey literature

Donald J. Altmyer

This article demonstrates how some nontraditional learning styles and use of software create a more successful learning environment. An online stock market simulation emphasizes… the Los Alamos National Laboratory e‐print server

Gerry McKiernan

Since its creation nearly ten years ago, the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) e‐print service ( has revolutionized scholarly communication within many scientific…


Videojournalism: the birth of a new medium

Michael Rosenblum

This article discusses the birthing of a new medium, videojournalism that provides a format for television and journalism and what this means for television and global access to…




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