info: Volume 11 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: The genesis of unlicensed wireless policy

Guest Editors: Charles L. Jackson

Unlicensed to kill: a brief history of the Part 15 rules

Kenneth R. Carter

The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief history on the Part 15 rules.


Wi‐Fi and Bluetooth: the path from Carter and Reagan‐era faith in deregulation to widespread products impacting our world

Michael J. Marcus

The purpose of this paper is to provide a historical account of the May 1985 spread spectrum FCC decision.

History of wireless local area networks (WLANs) in the unlicensed bands

Kevin J. Negus, Al Petrick

Using a brief history of the development of WLAN standards and products this paper seeks to explain how unlicensed spectrum regulations by the Federal Communications Commission


Licence‐exempt: the emergence of Wi‐Fi

Vic Hayes, Wolter Lemstra

This paper aims to provide a description of the genesis and development of Wi‐Fi, or how the industry exploited an opportunity provided by the regulators in allowing radio

Grazing on the commons: the emergence of Part 15

Henry Goldberg

This paper seeks to give an account of how unlicensed radio services moved from being a by‐product of the ISM bands to a deliberate spectrum allocation, with clearly defined goals


Unleashing innovation: making the FCC user‐friendly

Stephen J. Lukasik

This paper aims to describe a case study of the FCC, dealing with relieving the tension between technical innovation and the regulation of applications of technology.


Has “unlicensed” in Part 15 worked? A case study

Tim Pozar

This paper aims to review a case study of a project to provide broadband to city‐run housing developments in San Francisco, California.



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