Working with Older People: Volume 22 Issue 2

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Engagement of older people in Wales – how Cymru Older People’s Alliance is forging a new direction

Steven George Milsom

The adverse impact of austerity on the available capacity of public bodies to give priority to engagement of older people means self-determination and older people representing…

Dementia-friendly housing charter

Sara Miles, Vanessa Pritchard-Wilkes

The dementia-friendly housing charter was developed by the sector in response to the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia and a need for this resource within the housing sector…

“I’m missing out and I think I have something to give”: experiences of older involuntarily childless men

Robin Andrew Hadley

The purpose of this paper is to extensively report the implications of the global trend of declining fertility rates and an increasingly ageing population. The experiences of…

Ageing, gender politics and masculinities: reflections on collective memory work with older men

Vic Blake, Jeff Hearn, David Jackson, Randy Barber, Richard Johnson, Zbyszek Luczynski

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the process of participating in a long-term collective memory work group of older men, focusing on the making/unmaking of older men and…

Men’s sheds: the perceived health and wellbeing benefits

Lois Crabtree, Anthea Tinker, Karen Glaser

The purpose of this paper is to explore older men’s perceptions of the health and wellbeing benefits of participating in men’s sheds.

“Well it is for their sake we are here”: meaningful work tasks from care workers’ view

Åsa Vidman, Annika Strömberg

Employees in elderly care have a high rate of sick leave. One explanation is that employees that experience a low level of meaning of work are at a higher risk for long-term sick…


“How are you ageing today?” Art, activism and ageing

David James Martin

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the need to challenge ageism and to draw attention to how art, especially art activism, can challenge Ageism and bring about a new…

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