Journal of Communication Management: Volume 24 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Communicating Science in Organizational Contexts: Towards an “Organizational Turn” in Science Communication Research

Guest Editors: Mike S.Schäfer, BirteFähnrich

Communicating science in organizational contexts: toward an “organizational turn” in science communication research

Mike S. Schäfer, Birte Fähnrich

Research on science communication in organizational contexts is scarce – even though many cases can be found where organizations from science and beyond communicate about…


Five thoughts about improving science communication as an organizational activity

John C. Besley

The purpose of this paper is to describe five key lessons learned from a decade of studying how scientists and science communicators think about communication strategy.


Science communication, strategic communication and rhetoric: the case of health authorities, vaccine hesitancy, trust and credibility

Øyvind Ihlen

There is a great potential in pulling together science communication and strategic communication, especially given how the former has gained importance in organizational contexts…


Organisation matters: towards an organisational sociology of science communication

Simone Rödder

This paper looks at science communication through an organisational lens with the aim of assessing the relevance of different organisational forms for science communication.


Communicating science in higher education and research institutions: An organization communication perspective on science communication

Thorsten Schwetje, Christiane Hauser, Stefan Böschen, Annette Leßmöllmann

The paper reports on a research project exploring the change in the organizational context of communicators and communication units in higher education and research institutions…


Exploring the intersections: researchers and communication professionals' perspectives on the organizational role of science communication

Kaisu Koivumäki, Clare Wilkinson

This paper reports on research exploring the intersections between researchers and communication professionals' perspectives on the objectives, funders and organizational…


University communications as auto-communication: the NTNU ‘Challenge Everything’ campaign

Sarah R. Davies

This article offers an in-depth exploration of university communications practice by describing and analysing a publicity and recruitment campaign, called ‘Challenge Everything’…


Corporate communication about climate science: A comparative analysis of top corporations in New Zealand, Australia, and Global Fortune 500

Jagadish Thaker

The purpose of this paper is to comparatively analyze how top corporations in New Zealand, Australia and the Global Fortune 500 group communicate about climate science.


Evaluating universities' strategic online communication: how do Shanghai Ranking's top 50 universities grow stakeholder engagement with Facebook posts?

Birte Fähnrich, Jens Vogelgesang, Michael Scharkow

This study is dedicated to universities' strategic social media communication and focuses on the fan engagement triggered by Facebook postings. The study contributes to a growing…

The effects of media reputation on third-party funding of Swiss universities

Daniel Vogler

This study analyzed the effects of the visibility and evaluation of universities in news media coverage on the development of their private and public third-party funds.

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