Career Development International: Volume 8 Issue 4


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Information, advice and guidance – is it time for a National Research Forum?

Stephen Gibb

This editorial advocates the establishment of a National Research Forum for information, advice and guidance (IAG) about learning and work. The editorial proposes that the…


“The big OE”: self‐directed travel and career development

Kerr Inkson, Barbara A. Myers

“OE” is overseas experience – periods of “working holiday” undertaken by young people autonomously exploring other countries and cultures. This paper investigates OE and considers…


Anticipatory socialisation: the effect of recruitment and selection experiences on career expectations

Dora Scholarios, Cliff Lockyer, Heather Johnson

Recruitment and selection experiences are part of a process of pre‐entry organisational socialisation, also known as anticipatory socialisation. Graduates are susceptible to such…


Exploring the impact of role models on older employees

Donald E. Gibson, Lisa A. Barron

The international trend toward organizations emphasizing adaptability and change throughout careers suggests that research should examine the development of employees into later…


The management development needs of front‐line managers: voices from the field

Clinton O. Longenecker, Mitchell Neubert

In the global marketplace of the twenty‐first century, we know that managers are being called upon to lead their organization forward in new and creative ways and that improving…

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