Career Development International: Volume 4 Issue 2


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Rethinking career development in an era of portfolio careers

Andrew J. Templer, Tupper F. Cawsey

In this exploratory article we argue that changes in society, the nature of work and of the employment relationship have changed the nature of careers and consequently require a…


Career issues and international adjustment of business expatriates

Jan Selmer

Western business expatriates, mostly from the USA, France, the UK and Sweden, responded to a mail survey exploring career issues and their degree of international adjustment…


Another look at corporate America’s culture

William Lankford, Alma Mintu‐Wimsatt

The fast pace of business diversification, the “I and me” work ethic, and 1980s entrepreneurship have been superseded by downsizing, teaming, and total quality management. Some…


Appraising the appraisals: computerized performance appraisal systems

Nelda Spinks, Barron Wells, Melanie Meche

Examines the role of appraisals as a way of improving productivity and effectiveness within successful organizations. Identifies ways in which appraisals help both employers and…


The changing career strategies of managers

Tony Wilson, Goronwy Davies

Examines the issues which managers consider when making career decisions and finds that, faced with reduced levels of employment security, they are redefining careers in terms…


Communicating with the community

Barron Wells, Nelda Spinks

This article examines the context of public relations as a communication activity in today’s business organizations. This is one of the most important communication activities…


Whose career is it anyway? Options for career management in flatter organisation structures

Kathryn Whymark, Steve Ellis

Much of the literature on career management in the 1990s has been based on the assumption that a significant consequence of company restructuring has been the diminution of…

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