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The developmental assessment centre: the next generation

Steven H. Appelbaum, Vincent Harel, Barbara Shapiro

A critical instrument in managerial selection for the past 25 years has been the assessment centre (AC). One of the major reasons for its success is that it has relatively good…


Careers, development and the future of the organisation

Colin J. Coulson‐Thomas

An international investigation of corporate approaches to learning, renewal and transformation reveals that the emergence of network and virtual models of organisation has…


Energy and performance: the power of metaphor

Bill Phillips

This article describes the way people unconsciously perceive their life and work experiences in metaphorical terms. Calling these Operating Metaphors (a trademark of Charles…


Beyond technical competence: a passion for persistence

James T. Scarnati

Discusses persistence as a basic characteristic of successful leadership. The thematic focus is “leaders don’t give up”. Defines persistence as a process beyond technical…


Dismissal of Australian CEOs

Joseph C. Santora, James C. Sarros

This paper focuses on the dismissal of two Australian managing directors/CEOs after a relatively short tenure in office. Despite the fact that one was an insider and the other was…


Graduates’ perceptions of transferable personal skills and future career preparation in the UK

Ghulam R. Nabi, David Bagley

A sample of 1996 undergraduate students from the University of Central Lancashire were surveyed soon after graduation. Responses were obtained from 143 graduates of the University…


Changing career rules: clinging to the past or accepting the new reality?

Ronald J. Burke

This exploratory study examined recent business school graduates appreciation of ongoing changes in the nature of employment relationships. It has been suggested by some that job…

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