Career Development International: Volume 2 Issue 7


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Managing excellence in sports performance

John W.B. Lyle

Identifies performance sport as a phenomenon which has received relatively little conceptual or management analysis. The management of excellence in performance sport is…


The high‐potential fast‐flying achiever: themes from the English language literature 1976‐1995

Yochanan Altman

Examines the discourse on high‐flyers in business (management) in academic and practitioner literature (journals and books), published in English in Anglo‐Saxon countries in the…


Of dice and men: high‐flyers in German‐speaking countries

Wolfgang Mayrhofer

High‐flyers are a very important issue in organizations; however, the concept of high‐flyers is not clearly defined, nor are the assumptions behind this concept frequently…


Identification and development of potential for management and executive positions in France

Sylvie Roussillon, Frank Bournois

Reviews French particularities in the field of high potential managers development. Stresses some mechanisms in the building of the managerial élite. After a presentation of the…


Sustainable high‐potential career development: a resource‐based view

Paul Iles

Recent developments in restructuring, delayering, downsizing and flexible employment strategies have cast doubt on traditional models of high‐potential career development…


High flyers: glorious past, gloomy present, any future?

Yehuda Baruch, Maury Peiperl

The concept of high‐potential career management programmes needs to be re‐examined in the new era of organizational flexibility, given the prevalence of such practices as…

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