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Effects of layoff victims' justice reactions and emotional responses on attitudes toward their previous employer

Gary Blau, Tony Petrucci, John McClendon

This paper's aim is to study a neglected research outcome within the last ten years, i.e. the impact of unemployment on the willingness of those laid off (victims) to endorse…


Strategic emotional display: an examination of its interpersonal and career outcomes

Yongmei Liu, Jun Liu, Longzeng Wu

The purpose of this study is to explore an under‐researched, emotion‐focused influence tactic, strategic emotional display, and its interpersonal and career outcomes.


Don't leave your heart at home: Gain cycles of positive emotions, resources, and engagement at work

Else Ouweneel, Pascale M. Le Blanc, Wilmar B. Schaufeli

The main objective of this study is to apply broaden‐and‐build theory to occupational wellbeing. More specifically, it seeks to test whether positive emotions “build” resources…


Partial mediation of the political skill‐reputation relationship

Mary Dana Laird, James J. Zboja, Gerald R. Ferris

Although reputation is important to career success, little is known about how individuals develop their personal reputation at work. This study seeks to investigate the role of…

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