Career Development International: Volume 14 Issue 1


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Plodders, pragmatists, visionaries and opportunists: career patterns and employability

Marilyn Clarke

The purpose of this paper is to explore individual approaches to career and employability through the career stories of a group of mid‐level to senior managers in career…


The effects of organizational communication on job satisfaction and organizational commitment in a land ambulance service and the mediating role of communication satisfaction

Jules Carrière, Christopher Bourque

The purpose of this paper is to provide further insight into the relationship between internal communication practices, communication satisfaction, job satisfaction, and…


Present but sick: a three‐wave study on job demands, presenteeism and burnout

Evangelia Demerouti, Pascale M. Le Blanc, Arnold B. Bakker, Wilmar B. Schaufeli, Joop Hox

The opposite of absenteeism, presenteeism, is the phenomenon of employees staying at work when they should be off sick. Presenteeism is an important problem for organizations…


Development intention of support staff in an academic organization in The Netherlands

Albert Renkema, Harmen Schaap, Theo van Dellen

The purpose of this paper is to investigate which psychological determinants relate to the intention to participate in development activities. Psychological determinants such as…


The effects of social comparisons on managerial career satisfaction and turnover intentions

Kimberly A. Eddleston

The purpose of this paper is to apply social comparison theory to the study of managerial careers. It is proposed that how managers evaluate their career progression in comparison…

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