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A cross‐cultural study of work/family demands, work/family conflict and wellbeing: the Taiwanese vs British

Luo Lu, Robin Gilmour, Shu‐Fang Kao, Mao‐Ting Huang

The aim of the research is twofold: to explore relations between work/family demands, work‐family conflict (WFC), family‐work conflict (FWC) and wellbeing outcomes, and to…


Toward a new taxonomy for understanding the nature and consequences of contingent employment

Daniel C. Feldman

The main goal of this article is to present a new taxonomy of contingent employment that better represents the wide variety of part‐time, temporary, and contract employment…


The chameleon career: An exploratory study of the work biography of information technology workersin Nigeria

Afam Ituma, Ruth Simpson

This paper seeks to explore claims about the changing nature of careers by focusing on how information technology (IT) workers enact careers in the context of Nigeria. The…


Contradictions in portfolio careers: work design and client relations

Tara J. Fenwick

The paper aims to explore “Portfolio work”, an emerging form of flexible self‐employment, which has been identified as significant but under‐researched. This paper also seeks to…


Decision‐making training for occupational choice and early turnover: a field experiment

Asya Pazy, Yoav Ganzach, Yariv Davidov

The study seeks to examine how a short intervention, aimed at enhancing occupational choice skills, influences turnover during the early stages of organizational membership. It…

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