Career Development International: Volume 10 Issue 6/7


Table of contents - Special Issue: Mentoring and career development

Guest Editors: S. Gayle Baugh, Sherry E. Sullivan

Mentoring and career development

S. Gayle Baugh, Sherry E. Sullivan

This special issue seeks to examine mentoring relationships and offer new perspectives and frameworks, suggesting exciting avenues for future research on mentoring and career…


Sex differences in the perceived importance of mentoring functions

Laurie L. Levesque, Regina M. O'Neill, Teresa Nelson, Colette Dumas

Purpose – To be the first study to consider the difference between men's and women's perceptions of most important mentoring functions. Design/methodology/approach – Survey…


“There's magic in the web”: e‐mentoring for women's career development

Jenny Headlam‐Wells, Julian Gosland, Jane Craig

Purpose – This paper aims to advance the argument for the transformative potential of e‐mentoring for professional women. Design/methodology/approach – Existing mentoring and…


Seeing eye to eye: A dyadic investigation of the effect of relational demography on perceptions of mentoring activities

Ellen A. Fagenson‐Eland, S. Gayle Baugh, Melenie J. Lankau

To examine the influence of demographic differences on congruence of mentors' and protégés' perceptions of developmental support and frequency of communication.


Perceptions of an organization's culture for work and family: Do mentors make a difference?

Monica Forret, Suzanne de Janasz

This study sets out to examine whether protégés have more favorable perceptions of an organization's culture for balancing work and family than non‐protégés.


Exploring mentoring and leadership development in health care organizations: Experience and opportunities

Ann Scheck McAlearney

To improve understanding of mentoring and other leadership development practices in health care organizations, focusing on three questions: What has been done? What is being done…


Role of informal mentoring in the career success of first‐line bank managers: A Nigerian case study

David E. Okurame, S.K. Balogun

This study seeks to examine the role of informal mentoring in career success in an African work environment.


Global mentoring as a means of career development and knowledge creation: A learning‐based framework and agenda for future research

Madeline M. Crocitto, Sherry E. Sullivan, Shawn M. Carraher

This article aims to examine the process of mentoring and career development within the global arena. Although much has been written on the adjustment of expatriates, relatively…


Development networks: literature review and future research

Janice C. Molloy

Purpose – Seeks to highlight an emerging transition in mentoring research, that is, the transition from an exclusive focus on mentoring dyads to an integrative focus on mentoring…


Applying an adult development perspective to developmental networks

Dawn E. Chandler, Kathy E. Kram

To elaborate how an adult development perspective can further an understanding of mentoring (developmental) networks and their value to focal individuals in terms of the…


Developmental networks and professional identity: a longitudinal study

Shoshana R. Dobrow, Monica C. Higgins

Purpose – This paper seeks to examine the relationship between individuals' developmental mentoring networks and a subjective career outcome, clarity of professional identity. How…

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