Career Development International: Volume 1 Issue 5


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Improved employee selection and staffing through meta programmes

D. Patrick Georges

To obtain desirable results through people, executives need to be aware of new approaches to employee selection and staffing. The establishment of a new discipline called…


First‐person mentoring

Bob Garvey

Aimed at those who are interested in mentoring, offers a perspective on the mentoring experience from the potential mentor’s view‐point and attempts to write from the “inside” of…


Negotiating with the French

Lisa Newson‐Ballé

Explains inconsistencies which managers face when negotiating with the French. Provides a portrait of the French character in behavioural terms and some tactics which are used in…


Dynamic poise ‐ part 1: a new style of management

John Darwin

Outlines an approach to management which questions conventional rationality, and suggests that dynamic capability in organizations needs to be based on new thinking drawn from…


Crisis management

Will Parsons

Sets out to provide and insight into crisis and share the experiences of others so that managers can develop their own crisis management programmes. Examines different types of…


Internet conference on telecommuting

Rod Davies

Describes in detail an Internet conference in which the particpants discussed issues arising from the growth of telecommuting as a viable work and career function. Describes the…


The expatriate experience: implications for career success

Allison Webb

Discusses the implications for the employee and the company of an expatriate assignment. Presents the reasons why the expatriate assignment is not always a success. Suggests a…


The factors affecting the career choice of male and female civil engineering students in the UK

Suzanne Wilkinson

Examines the factors affecting the career choice of male and female civil engineering students in the UK. Draws on empirical research from a national survey of graduating male and…


Using job search portfolios in an uncertain labour market

Martin Kimeldorf

Discusses today’s changing work patterns where permanent, secure jobs are giving way to a life of contract and temporary forms of employment and numerous job changes. Suggests…

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