Tizard Learning Disability Review: Volume 23 Issue 1

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Change over 12 years in residential provision for adult persons with intellectual disabilities in Ireland

Roy McConkey, Sarah Craig

The purpose of this paper is to document the impact of major policy changes and reductions in government funding on residential provision for people with intellectual disabilities…

Quality of home life for adults with learning disabilities: the interplay of economic policy and professional practice

John Dalrymple

The purpose of this paper is to provide a commentary on the preceding article describing changing patterns in the provision and take-up of accommodation services for adults with…


The use of anti-psychotic and other psychotropic medication in a specialist community service for adults with learning disabilities

Isabel C.H. Clare, Kelly A. Wade, Sorcha Bolton, Adam P. Wagner, Tatsiana Steven, Anthony J. Holland

The purpose of this paper is to examine the extent to which, in the five integrated community teams for adults with learning disabilities (CTLDs) in an English county-wide…

Optimising psychotropic medication use

Rory Sheehan

This commentary accompanies Clare et al.’s study investigating psychotropic drug prescribing for adults with intellectual disability who were referred to specialist community…

The bounds of liberty: lessons learnt from treating a man with alcohol use disorder, autism and learning disability

Alexander C.L. Drake, Dietmar Hank, Richard Edwards, Ian Ensum, Lee Bateman

A man in his 40s with alcohol use disorder, learning disability and autism was referred to the learning disability team due to anxiety and low mood. He had been abstinent from…

Commentary on “The bounds of liberty: lessons learnt from treating a man with alcohol use disorder, autism and learning disability”

Hilary Brown

In commenting on the issues raised by Drake et al. the purpose of this paper is to discuss three areas of practice: assessing capacity in the presence of intransigence and/or…

Correlates for the risk of specialist ID hospital admission for people with intellectual disabilities: development of the LDNAT inpatient index

Jon Painter, Barry Ingham, Liam Trevithick, Richard P. Hastings, Ashok Roy

The purpose of this paper is to analyse ratings data from the recently developed Learning Disability Needs Assessment Tool (LDNAT) to identify factors associated with specialist…

Transforming care: problems and possible solutions

Neil Sinclair

The purpose of this paper is to raise issues about Transforming Care (TC) and discuss possible solutions.

CQC inspection reports for acute NHS trusts: are there relationships between the comments in inspection reports regarding people with learning disabilities and CQC hospital/trust ratings?

Susannah Baines, Chris Hatton

People with learning disabilities are at risk of poor health and premature death. Due to these inequalities, NHS trusts are required to make reasonable adjustments to their care…

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