Tizard Learning Disability Review: Volume 12 Issue 3

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Mothers with Learning Disabilities: Experiences and Meanings of Losing Custody of their Children

Sandra Baum, Jan Burns

Women with learning disabilities are at high risk of losing their children, yet their experience of this process remains under‐investigated. This study looks at the experiences of…

Investigating the Experiences of Professionals Working with People who are Homeless and in Contact with Learning Disability Services

Mark Colman, Amy Hebblethwaite, Annette Hames, Alison Forsyth, Martin Donkin

People who are homeless and have a learning disability tend to be more vulnerable and have greater health needs than homeless people who do not have a learning disability…

Investigating the Experiences of People who Have Been Homeless and are in Contact with Learning Disability Services

Amy Hebblethwaite, Annette Hames, Martin Donkin, Mark Colman, Alison Forsyth

This paper explores the experiences of people who have been homeless and in contact with learning disability services. The research adds to the very limited evidence, particularly…

Successful Multi‐Disciplinary and Multi‐Treatment Working for a Person with Learning Disability who Experienced Major Depressive Disorder

Fiona Mackay, Claire Wilson

Janette1 is a young woman with both a mild intellectual disability and moderate physical disabilities who experienced a major depressive disorder at a stage in her life when many…

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