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Compact dual-mode microstrip bandpass filter based on slotted square patch resonator

Karthie S., Zuvairiya Parveen J., Yogeshwari D., Venkadeshwari E.

The purpose of this paper is to present the design of a compact microstrip bandpass filter (BPF) in dual-mode configuration loaded with cross-loop and square ring slots on…


Cylindrical conformal wideband antenna with enhancement of gain using integrated parasitic triangular shaped elements for WiMAX application

Ratikanta Sahoo

This paper aims to propose a cylindrical conformal wideband antenna with increased directive behaviour using integrated parasitic triangular-shaped elements for WiMAX application.

Design, integration and implementation of crypto cores in an SoC environment

Jai Gopal Pandey, Sanskriti Gupta, Abhijit Karmakar

The paper aims to develop a systematic approach to design, integrate, and implement a set of crypto cores in a system-on-chip SoC) environment for data security…

Effect of alloy particle size and stencil aperture shape on solder printing quality

Mohamad Solehin Mohamed Sunar, Maria Abu Bakar, Azman Jalar, Mohamad Riduwan Ramli, Fakhrozi Che Ani

Reflow solder joint quality is significantly affected by the ability of the solder to perfectly fill pad space and retain good solder joint shape. This study aims to…

Design and implementation of miniaturized tri-band microwave bandpass filter

Ponnammal P., Manjula J.

This paper is aimed to study the design of a miniaturized filter with tri-band characteristics. In this paper, perturbation is used to realize circuit miniaturization and…

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