International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research: Volume 8 Issue 1/2


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The economic embeddedness of immigrant enterprise in Britain

Giles Barrett, Trevor Jones, David McEvoy, Chris McGoldrick

Immigrant‐owned business in Britain is reviewed in the light of both cultural and structural economic perspectives. The latter view is emphasised. Concentration in trades which…


Mixed embeddedness: Does it really explain immigrant enterprise in Western Australia (WA)?

Nonja Peters

Kloosterman, van der Leun and Rath assert they conceptualised the “mixed embeddedness” hypothesis to overcome the shortcomings characteristic of earlier theoretical models of…


Unbalanced embeddedness of ethnic entrepreneurship: The Israeli Arab case

Izhak Schnell, Michael Sofer

Ethnic entrepreneurs’ networks are analysed on the basis of three complementary dimensions: intensity and complexity of networks; power relations; and entrepreneurs’ horizons of…


How innovative are Dutch immigrant entrepreneurs?: Constructing a framework of assessment

Ewald Engelen

Asks how innovative Dutch immigrant entrepreneurs are. Since the mid‐1980s the number of immigrant firms has more than tripled. This coincides with a huge increase in the number…


Economic associations of immigrant self‐employment in Canada

Daniel Hiebert

In the last 30 years or so we have seen a proliferation of research projects on immigrants and non‐white minorities in the labour market (labour market segmentation) and as…


Chinese entrepreneurs: The Chinese Diaspora in Australia

Jock Collins

Recounts the history of the Chinese Diaspora in Australia, which dates back to the Gold Rush of the 1850s. In the past three decades, following the end of the white Australia…


From four‐course Peking duck to take‐away Singapore rice: An inquiry into the dynamics of the ethnic Chinese catering business in Germany

Maggi W.H. Leung

Draws on the concept of “mixed embeddedness” to challenge the popular culturalistic view that Chinese migrants enter the catering business simply because they are Chinese. Based…


Business opportunity or food pornography?: Chinese restaurant ventures in Antwerp

Ching Lin Pang

Maps and analyzes the development of ethnic Chinese food in the city of Antwerp through the ethnography of both Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs and their customers. Most existing…


Conclusion The economic context, embeddedness and immigrant entrepreneurs

Eran Razin

Concludes that the impact of the economic context on entrepreneurship among immigrants is group specific. The concepts of embeddedness, which acknowledges that economic action is…

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