Journal of Management History (Archive): Volume 6 Issue 3


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A brief history of the selection interview: may the next 100 years be more fruitful

M. Ronald Buckley, Amy Christine Norris, Danielle S. Wiese

Over the past 100 years, the interview has received much attention. It is generally agreed that the interview is modest in terms of reliability or validity. In spite of this, it…


The United States safety movement and Howard Pyle

Foster C. Rinefort, David D. Van Fleet

The health and safety of members of organizations is a long‐standing human resource issue of interest to those in the field of management. While its history is long and…


Management as a science: emerging trends in economic and managerial theory

Horst Albach, Brian Bloch

This paper considers the scientific development of business education on the basis of five criteria: if‐then statements, freedom from values, spatial and temporal validity…




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