Journal of Management History (Archive): Volume 5 Issue 2


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From rationality to reasonableness in environmental administration: Moving beyond proverbs

Robert V. Bartlett, Walter F. Baber

The administrative state is situated in a physical and ecological context that requires a conceptualisation of rationality broader than the instrumental rationality that…


Rationality revisited: An alternative perspective on reason in management and planning

Richard S. Bolan

This paper is concerned with enlarging the traditional view of rationality that has dominated management and planning in modern times. The inquiry begins by re‐examining Weber’s…


The rationality issue in land‐use planning

Tore Sager

There is a strong tradition among land‐use planners to conceive of their task as one of inserting rationality into public decision making. The idea of the rational selection of…




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1995 – 2000

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