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Library of Congress archives: additional information about W. Edwards Deming (1900‐1993) now available

Peter B. Petersen

W. Edwards Deming is famous for his work in Japan and his attempts to transform Western management. A recently established collection in the Library of Congress contains his…


The political embeddedness of managerial ideologies in pre‐state Israel: the case of PPL 1920‐1948

Michal Frenkel, Yehouda Shenhav, Hanna Herzog

The study of managerial ideologies focuses exclusively on the emergence of American models and their dissemination in other societies. Argues that the a‐political, scientific and…


Alderson’s transvection and Porter’s value system: a comparison of two independently‐developed theories

Richard L. Priem, Abdul M. A. Rasheed, Shahrzad Amirani

Evaluates Wroe Alderson’s general theory of marketing as a possible platform for further developing Michael Porter’s ideas on strategic management. Alderson’s “transvection” and…


The transformation of US steel 1945‐1985: perspectives from the corporation and the union

Stephanie E. Newell

This paper is part of a study which attempts to take a different approach to understanding the events which occurred in the U. S. steel industry during the period 1945 to 1985. In…

A history of legally required employee benefits: 1900‐1950

Tamela D. Jerrell

Between 1900 and 1950 most of today’s legally required employee benefits were developed. Political and social forces influenced a transformation of individual and societal value…


The origins and early development of the psychological contract construct

Mark V. Roehling

The relationship between employees and their employers has been conceptualized as involving a “psychological contract” (PC). The PC construct is assumed by many to have a key role…




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