Journal of Management History (Archive): Volume 2 Issue 3


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Edwin F. Gay, Arch W. Shaw, and the uses of history in early graduate business education

Robert Cuff

Notes that the collaboration between Edwin F. Gay, founding dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, and Arch W. Shaw, a Chicago publisher, exemplifies the…


Lines of authority: readings of foundational texts on the profession of management

Ellen S. O’Connor

Revisits works considered as foundational to management theory and practice. Argues that Taylor, Fayol and Follett work to legitimize management as a body of knowledge, as a…


Oral history and expert scripts: demystifying the entrepreneurial experience

Ronald K. Mitchell

Notes that because oral histories illuminate insider meanings, they can contribute valuable insights to the demystification of expert experiences. The world of expert…


“Historical” and “scientifically valid”: The value and method of comparative measure of argument

Victor L. Rosenberg

Notes that a recent survey found many scholars who believe, incorrectly, that history is not random enough, large enough, or controlled enough for science. Reiterates why science…


Do historical facts speak for themselves?: Imagination and intuition in management history

William G. Scott

Notes that facts and chronologies of events do not tell the whole historical story and that the historian must speculate about meaning. Points out that this undertaking requires…


Postmodernism and the future history of management: Comments on history as science

Robert P. Gephart

Addresses themes in postmodern management which can be anticipated and better understood by taking a historical perspective on the origins and emergence of modern management…




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