Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 8 Issue 2


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Low‐ and high‐context communication patterns: towards mapping cross‐cultural encounters

Nada Korac‐Kakabadse, Alexander Kouzmin, Andrew Korac‐Kakabadse, Lawson Savery

States that the major reasons for difficulties in cross‐cultural communication stem from the fact that actors from different cultures have different understandings regarding the…


Human competency engineering and world class performance: a cross‐cultural approach

Philip C. Wright, Gary D. Geroy

Outlines how human competency engineering can be used as a change maangement or organizational development tool, based upon studies conducted in Canada, Hong Kong and Indonesia…


Comparisons of Asian and US workplace gender roles

Roblyn Simeon, Joel D. Nicholson, Yim Yu Wong

Uses the research of Dorfman and Howell’s work‐related cultural value scale to measure masculinity versus femininity across the USA, Japan and China. Attempts to contrast gender…


Adaptation to International assignments: dimensionality and strategies to facilitate adjustment of expatriate managers in Turkey

Ugur Yavas

Uses data collected from a sample of expatriate managers on assignments in Turkey to attempt to examine the dimensionality of expatriate adjustment. Suggests that the results…




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1994 – 2015

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