Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 6 Issue 4


Table of contents

Turkish firm’s success factors in the former Soviet Union (FSU)

Yesim Toduk Akis

Evaluates the perceptions of 63 Turkish Firms with regards to success factors when trading in the former Soviet Union. Outlines the historical position including treaties and…


Organisational significance and application of computer skills: a culturally‐based empirical examination

Ugur Yavas, Mahmoud M. Yasin

Looks at the findings of a survey of 115 Saudi Arabian managers who had completed their undergraduate education in the United States in relation to the informational and computing…

Impact of the financial system of reunification of Hong Kong and Mainland China

Joseph Monahan

Outlines Hong Kong’s financial system during the pre‐unification era. Looks at recent issues, regulatory changes and its development as an international financial centre…

The Deming leadership method: A behavioural and technical approach

Joyce A. Mauro, Nicholas J. Mauro

Provides an explanation of Deming’s Theory of Profound Knowledge, which includes the four core values. Cites these as appreciation for a system, some knowledge of the theory of…




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1994 – 2015

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