Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal: Volume 1 Issue 3


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The Central Role of National Culture in Cross‐cultural Management: Proxemic Conflicts in the Internationalization of TQM

Alan Goldman

Prompted by the internationalization of communications and business, cross‐cultural management has emerged as a strategic research and marketplace priority of the late twentieth…


The Influence of Mexican Culture on the Uses of US Management Theory in Mexico

Paul G. Wilhelm

Introduction The recent approval of the North American Free Trade Agreement will draw more foreign companies to Mexico because of the cheaper labour available, high quality work…

Global HR Management and Cross‐cultural Issues

Malcolm John Higgs

Introduction There is a growing belief that one of the most significant factors which will contribute to future business success is the effective management and development of…


Multicultural Negotiation: Results from a Simulation on Negotiating with the Vietnamese

Dominique Bouchart, Fredric William Swierczek

Introduction Vietnam is one of the new stars for foreign investment in the 1990s. As of mid‐1993, 685 projects were licensed with a total of US$6.1 billion. Major investors in…



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