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Enhancing brand experience in the online social media network context: a contingency perspective

Geeta Marmat

Marketing and branding literature has provided important insights into the context, environment and individual factors that shape customer brand experience. However, a holistic…


From campfire to coliseum: motivations for using social networks

Paula Castro Pires de Souza Chimenti, Marco Aurelio de Souza Rodrigues, Marcelo Guedes Carneiro, Roberta Dias Campos

Through a literature review, a gap has been identified regarding the role of competition as a driver of social network (SN) usage. This study aims to design to address this gap…

Beyond the game: perceptions and practices of sports sponsorship in German SMEs

Peter Datson, Wilson Ozuem, Kerry Howell, Geoff Lancaster

The purpose of this study is by drawing on signaling theory to address the need for more investigation into the conceptual underpinnings of sponsorships by investigating and…

Dynamic marketing capabilities as drivers of international channel integration: is this true for Latin American SMEs?

Paula Andrea García Ortiz, Haydée Calderón García, Teresa Fayos Gardó, Nidia Roa Vivas

This paper aims to determine the relationship between dynamic marketing capabilities (DMCs) and the integration of distribution channels of exporting companies from Latin American…

Retailer-reseller embeddedness and price-setting in the informal economy

Uchenna Uzo

This study aims to investigate how and why retailers and resellers in sample firms of the informal economy set prices and the performance implications for the firm’s pricing…

Designing a tourist experience for numen seekers

Mujde Bideci, Caglar Bideci

Although tourist experience has been considerably studied, there is a dearth of research on spiritual cognitive stages in tourism literature. Therefore, this paper aims to reveal…

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