Journal of Systems and Information Technology: Volume 25 Issue 4


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The influence of emotions on online information sharing behavior

Amal Dabbous, Karine Aoun Barakat

The spread of fake news represents a serious threat to consumers, companies and society. Previous studies have linked emotional arousal to an increased propensity to spread…

The relationship between immersive experience and shelf life of mobile apps: an empirical study of a gaming application

Ali Balapour, Rajiv Sabherwal, Varun Grover

Mobile apps usually have a short lifespan, and this prevents the majority from surviving long enough to generate revenue for their developers. To address this issue, this study…

Adoption of cognitive computing decision support system in the assessment of health-care policymaking

Rajat Kumar Behera, Pradip Kumar Bala, Prabin Kumar Panigrahi, Shilpee A. Dasgupta

Despite technological advancements to enhance patient health, the risks of not discovering the correct interactions and trends in digital health are high. Hence, a careful policy…

Machine learning for sustainable development: leveraging technology for a greener future

Muneza Kagzi, Sayantan Khanra, Sanjoy Kumar Paul

From a technological determinist perspective, machine learning (ML) may significantly contribute towards sustainable development. The purpose of this study is to synthesize prior…

System quality features and continuous usage intention of social network users: a multi-group analysis with gender

Parinda Doshi, Priti Nigam, Bikramjit Rishi

This paper aims to conceptualize a framework drawn upon the self-regulation theory to study the effect of system quality features on the continuous usage intention of social…

Using facial enhancement technology (FET) in online sales of branded color cosmetics

Yuling Wei, Jhanghiz Syahrivar, Hanif Adinugroho Widyanto

As one of the most cutting-edge technologies in the digital age, facial enhancement technology (FET) has greatly enhanced consumer online shopping experience and brought new…

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