Journal of Systems and Information Technology: Volume 24 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Data and Business Analytics

Guest Editors: Zhongyi Hu, Yukun Bao, Jiang Wu

Forecasting of stock price index using support vector regression with multivariate empirical mode decomposition

Yanmei Huang, Changrui Deng, Xiaoyuan Zhang, Yukun Bao

Despite the widespread use of univariate empirical mode decomposition (EMD) in financial market forecasting, the application of multivariate empirical mode decomposition (MEMD…

Low rank representation and discriminant analysis-based models for peer-to-peer default risk assessment

Gui Yuan, Shali Huang, Jing Fu, Xinwei Jiang

This study aims to assess the default risk of borrowers in peer-to-peer (P2P) online lending platforms. The authors propose a novel default risk classification model based on data…

Modeling user preferences in online stores based on user mouse behavior on page elements

Saeid SadighZadeh, Marjan Kaedi

Online businesses require a deep understanding of their customers’ interests to innovate and develop new products and services. Users, on the other hand, rarely express their…


Examination of fake news from a viral perspective: an interplay of emotions, resonance, and sentiments

Krishnadas Nanath, Supriya Kaitheri, Sonia Malik, Shahid Mustafa

The purpose of this paper is to examine the factors that significantly affect the prediction of fake news from the virality theory perspective. The paper looks at a mix of…

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