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An empirical study of the role of IT flexibility and IT capability in IT-business strategic alignment

Saeid Jorfi, Khalil Md Nor, Lotfi Najjar

The purpose of this study is to contribute to the current discussion on strategic alignment of information technology and business (strategic alignment) by developing a model for…


Utilizing a realist evaluative research approach to investigate complex technology implementations: An e-learning lecture capture exemplar

Melanie Rose Nova King, Ray J. Dawson, Steve J. Rothberg, Firat Batmaz

This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of a theory-driven realist evaluative research approach to better understand complex technology implementations in organizations.


The influence of government support and awareness on rural farmers’ intention to adopt mobile government services in Tanzania

Herman Eliewaha Mandari, Yee-Lee Chong, Chung-Khain Wye

Generally, this paper aims to develop a model by identifying factors which will assist policy makers in implementing m-government in Tanzania. The paper identifies direct and…

Comparison of supervised machine learning techniques for customer churn prediction based on analysis of customer behavior

Samira Khodabandehlou, Mahmoud Zivari Rahman

This paper aims to provide a predictive framework of customer churn through six stages for accurate prediction and preventing customer churn in the field of business.


Online information seeking behaviour among people living with HIV in selected public hospitals of Tanzania

Edda Tandi Lwoga, Tumaini Nagu, Alfred Said Sife

This paper aims to determine factors that influence people living with HIV (PLHIV) to engage in internet-based HIV information seeking behaviour in selected Tanzanian public…

Prioritization of factors influencing employee adoption of e-government using the analytic hierarchy process

Kriti Priya Gupta, Preeti Bhaskar, Swati Singh

Government employees have various challenges of adopting e-government which include administrative problems, technological challenges, infrastructural problems, lack of trust on…

Knowledge representation for missing persons investigations

Mark Taylor, Denis Reilly

This paper aims to present the application of situation calculus for knowledge representation in missing persons investigations.

Managing top management support in complex information systems projects: An end-user empirical study

Salvador Bueno, M. Dolores Gallego

Top management support (TMS) is considered as a critical factor for the success of information systems (ISs) projects. The literature shows that TMS has a positive impact on…

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