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“Wearing Only Our Skin”: the multimodal literacies classroom as a living arrangement

Angie Zapata, Monica C. Kleekamp

Literacy research exploring multimodal composition and justice-oriented children’s literature each have rich landscapes and histories. This paper aims to add to both of these…

Interpreting old texts with new tools: digital multimodal composition for a high school reading assignment

Jennifer M. Higgs, Grace MyHyun Kim

Research on nonschool settings suggests young people benefit from digital multimodal composition. Less is known about how digital composing can support students as they interpret…

“I haven’t earned the right to just play around with my literacy programme”: strategies, tactics and policy actors/subjects

Jane Tilson, Susan Sandretto

The purpose of this New Zealand study is to analyse the influence of the literacy course from an initial teacher education degree, to support beginning teachers to view themselves…

Critical, contextualized, content-rich: revisiting the call for humanizing pedagogies in literacy methods instruction

Kathleen Riley, Katherine Crawford-Garrett

In this study, the authors draw upon 10 years of collaborative teaching and research as two, White, women literacy teacher educators to theorize the role of humanizing pedagogies…

Effects of word-related factors on first and second language English readers’ incidental acquisition of vocabulary through reading an authentic novel

Barry Lee Reynolds, Chen Ding

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of word-related factors (i.e. frequency, range, dispersion and cognateness) on first-language English (L1E) readers' (n

Authority and authenticity in teachers’ questions about literature in three contexts

Sarah Levine, Mary Hauser, Michael W. Smith

This study aims to explore the authentic questioning practices of English Language Arts teachers. Although language arts (LA) education emphasizes the value of authentic questions…

Collaborative data analysis: examining youths’ literacy practices in YPAR

Joanne E. Marciano, Alecia Beymer

The purpose of this paper is to examine how youth from varied cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds came together to collaboratively analyze data they collected across two…

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