English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 20 Issue 4


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Witnessing Wonderland: Research with Black girls imagining freer futures

Alexis Morgan Young

This paper aims to contribute to a growing body of work (re)imagining the future for Black girls by calling Western notions of time into question. At its core, this paper argues…

Toward a pedagogy of Black livingness: Black students’ creative multimodal renderings of resistance to anti-Blackness

Autumn A. Griffin, Jennifer D. Turner

Historically, literacy education and research have been dominated by white supremacist narratives that marginalize and deficitize the literate practices of Black students. As…

Blackness as intervention: Black English outer spaces and the rupturing of antiblackness and/in English education

Justin A. Coles, Maria Kingsley

By engaging in critical literacy, participants theorized Blackness and antiblackness. The purpose of this study was to have participants theorize Blackness and antiblackness…

Rhetorically speaking: on white preservice teachers’ failure to imagine an anti-racist English education

S.R. Toliver, Heidi Hadley

This paper aims to identify how white preservice teachers’ inability to imagine an equitable space for Black and Brown children contributes to the ubiquity of whiteness in English…

Once upon an anti-black time: unpacking the counter fairy tales (CFT) model to support culturally responsive literacy instruction for black girls

Jemimah Young, Bettie Ray Butler, Kellan Strong, Maiya A. Turner

This paper aims to argue that culturally responsive approaches to literacy instruction are necessary not only to celebrate Black girl literacies but to also expose, challenge and…

Reflecting on languaging in written narratives to enact personal relations

Richard Beach, Limarys Caraballo

Unlike formalist and functional approaches to literacy and teaching writing, a languaging theory approach centers on the dynamic and interpersonal nature of writing. The purpose…

Queering critical literacies: disidentifications and queer futurity in an afterschool storytelling and roleplaying game

Scott Storm, Karis Jones

This paper aims to describe the critical literacies of high school students engaged in a youth participatory action research (YPAR) project focused on a roleplaying game, Dungeons

“I Drew Myself Right There”: third grade girls restorying for visual justice

Angela M. Wiseman, Jennifer D. Turner, Marva Cappello

This paper aims to present three girls’ visual annotations and digital responses that restory a scene in the picturebook I’m New Here. The authors focus on how children use…

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